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I hope you are staying well and uplifted. Globally people are being asked to “social distance” themselves. I prefer Futurist, Dan Burrus approach which is  “physical distancing” AND “social connection.”  We are social beings who need a sense of belonging and community connection. This is true to some degree no matter what personality type you are.

That said, I am here to make your virtual challenges easier, more effective and support you in focusing on your own expertise during online meetings rather than pushing buttons and figuring out tech glitches. You should be doing what you do best!

If you are new to hosting online meetings OR simply want to up your game by hosting interesting and powerful online meetings please read on and accept this free gift from me.

Your Challenge …

Are you thinking to yourself …
“How can I pull off virtual meetings? “I’m not a techie! It’s not my area!”  Or perhaps “I don’t even like being in online meetings, how am I supposed to host them?” 

What if I told you that we can simplify the process of hosting online meetings with just a few easy steps and can create powerful AND enjoyable virtual gatherings with confidence and positive outcomes? We CAN! I’ve experienced it repeatedly.

By discerning your goals together and creating a plan for your virtual meetings, we can create a positive atmosphere and have your attendees looking forward to time spent together. Happy attendees are more likely to retain information and implement the tools they are given.

I’ve been hosting live and online events for almost 20 years and have learned many elements that create distinction between the ineffective meetings and the powerful experiences that create meaning and lasting change.

Virtual Meeting

“Adding value online is no longer a side hustle or pipe dream. We have been forced into a Global Virtual Economy.” – Brendon Burchard

Tara Rayburn: Concierge

Here’s Why This is Important…

Regardless of your own preferences and comfort zone, you are more than likely being challenged to either host or participate in remote meetings. Are you feeling confident with this opportunity? Why or why not? Would you like some support?

I’ve hosted hundreds of online and live events, and find it extremely satisfying to help people clarify, create and implement effective meetings that impact lives. I also know that the level of confidence and ability can impact outcome in a exponential way. With knowledge and confidence and some positive flare you too can gift your attendees with meaningful and entertaining experiences as you meet your objectives together.

Hosting effective meetings really isn’t rocket science, that is unless your topic IS actually rocket science. (Don’t laugh, I’ve supported these!) You should be able to do what YOU are best at and let someone else manage the technical, the room logistics and relational communication.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” ― Helen Keller

What Next?…

While many people are saying “when things get back to normal…” The truth is, from a positive standpoint, there is no going back… there is, however, moving forward in a confident and effective way. When it comes to live vs online events our future will be not “Either/Or” but “Both/And.” How will you respond to this opportunity? My anticipation is that you will be proactive and confident.

How I Can Support Your Virtual Experiences …

  • Train you and your teams on ZOOM basics, etiquette and best practices
  • Troubleshoot potential challenges and develop Plan B strategy
  • Serve as Co-Host/Host/Room Moderator for Virtual Meetings
  • Support you in creating the best online experiences for implementing your objectives
  • De-briefings and on-going meeting support at various levels

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We will get through this time period together! While there will be changes and challenges, the beauty is that we can experience meaningful time and excellent momentum. Regardless of where you are in this process, please find ways to be in community respectfully. I tip my hat to you and yours and will always strive to uplift our world with healthy habits and tools for the mind, body and soul throughout our journey!

Peace and Wellness,

Tara Rayburn
Virtual Concierge