Virtual Meeting Concierge

Virtual Meeting Concierge

Collaborator, Moderator, Host, Virtual Meeting Coach

Globally people are being asked to transfer their jobs, schooling and even socializing to virtual formats. While some had prior experience, most have been playing virtual catch up ever since spring of 2020. That said, the Virtual Meeting Concierge is here to make your online endeavors easier, more effective and fun…. yes…Fun! With design, tech and “virtual” support you can focus on your own expertise during online meetings rather than worrying about pushing buttons, orchestrating break-out rooms and figuring out tech glitches. You should be doing what you do best, let us do the rest!

Your Challenge …

Are you thinking to yourself …
“How can I pull off virtual meetings? “I’m not a techie! It’s not my area!” Or perhaps “I don’t even like being in online meetings, how am I supposed to host them?”

What if I told you that we can simplify the process of hosting online meetings with just a few easy steps and can create powerful AND enjoyable virtual gatherings with confidence and positive outcomes? We CAN! I’ve experienced it repeatedly.

By discerning your goals together and creating a plan for your virtual meetings, we can create a positive atmosphere and have your attendees looking forward to time spent together. Happy attendees are more likely to retain information and implement the tools they are given.

I’ve been hosting live and online events for almost 20 years and have learned many elements that create distinction between the ineffective meetings and the powerful experiences that create meaning and lasting change.

Virtual Meeting Concierge
Virtual Meeting Concierge

Collaborative Options

  • Concept Development and Graphic Design
  • ZOOM training, basics, etiquette and best practices
  • Virtual Room Moderator (Chat monitoring, Breakout Sessions)
  • Hosting and Co-Hosting Tailored Support
  • De-briefings and on-going meeting support at various levels
  • Live Stream Set up and monitoring


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